Increase Productivity with Less Stress.

Learn how to increase Productivity, Time Management Skills and Lean Office techniques. 

  • Are you in the process of planning a meeting or training where you need to offer a relevant topic that will get everyone’s attention?
  • Does the email culture of your department or entire company need changing?
  • Do you personally struggle with being productive and organized?

You get the following RESULTS working with Organized Audrey:

  • High attendance if not standing-room-only attendance at conference sessions
  • Immediate ROI considering that many individuals learn to save 1-2 hours each day after an Organized Audrey session
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Improvements in areas of email, meetings, office etiquette and overall efficiency
  • Appreciation from employees for addressing topics that affect their workload
  • Requests to have Audrey back for more training on similar topics



Contact Productivity & Lean Office Expert Audrey Thomas today to learn more.  



Client testimonials:

  •  “You made not only a great impression, but a rather large impact.”  Eric Glass, Customer Engagement Specialist, The Boeing Company


  • “Great presentation at the Sales Shebang! Any group that brings you in will get an immediate ROI on their investment!”  Jill Konrath, Author, Selling to Big Companies


  •   “Our team began saving time and improved our overall productivity immediately upon completing Organized Audrey’s training. Audrey’s training tips for improved efficiency, better organization, and effective time management are easily applied and will quickly get you on the path to a happier and more productive professional (and personal) life.” Bill Idzorek, Director, Thrivent Financial


  •  “Audrey’s ability to apply Lean principles to the office environment is unparalleled in my opinion. The applications she provides are both useful and practical, the results immediate.”  Mike Ambrose, Operations Scheduler, Mayo Clinic


  • "I believe working with Audrey has helped me improve my daily performance and productivity by 2-3 hours per day. Ron Piersky, VP of Sales, HM Cragg

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