Audrey Thomas: Productivity Trainer, Author and Lean Office Expert

White collar workers waste 40% of their work days because they were never taught organizing skills to cope with  increasing work loads.
--Wall Street Journal

Audrey Thomas: Productivity Trainer, Lean Office Expert specializing in office organizing and productivity services.

"I work with businesses and people who are frustrated by offices, in-boxes and voice-mail systems overflowing with clutter. After nearly two decades, several organizing books and countless speeches, it's hard to believe that I became an organizing expert, author and speaker completely by accident.


In the early 1990’s I began teaching Home Organizing workshops through the Twin Cities Community Education Program. Eventually those workshops drew the attention of a small company by the name of 3M who requested my workshops for their Lunch & Learn program. They had the philosophy that if their employees were happy at home they would be more productive at work.


3M expected 50-75 to attend my lunch-time presentation. Imagine everyone's surprise when over 500 signed up!  That's when I realized that what comes so naturally to me, doesn't come easily for others.


Soon my corporate clients were asking for programs on the topic of office organization, paper and email management, and eventually Lean Office and 5S.

When I graduated with a degree in Business Management never did I envision myself as an author or a Professional Speaker that gets to help others make such positive change to their personal and professional lives. Teaching others how to be more organized and productive gives me such satisfaction. The last 20+ years have been quite a ride and more fulfilling than I ever dreamed possible."

"Boeing loved you! You made not only a great impression, but what I am guessing is a rather large impact." -- Eric Glass, Customer Engagement Specialist, The Boeing Company
"Audrey's ability to apply Lean principles to the office environment is unparalleled in my opinion. Her teaching style is engaging and informative... the results immediate."
--Mike Ambrose, Operations Scheduler, The Mayo Clinic

Speaking and Coaching Services

Audrey Thomas is a national speaker on productivity and an organizing coach based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota.

Organized Audrey's office organization and productivity trainer services include:

  • Public speaking at seminars, workshops and keynote addresses
  • Consulting services and employee coaching to corporations and organizations of all size
  • Organizing books, audio CDs and video products for office and home

Organized Audrey's Publications

Organizing and productivity advice from speaker, coach and author Audrey Thomas has been published in major newspapers including The Minneapolis Star Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, St. Paul Pioneer Press, and Seattle Times, and in magazines including Better Homes and Gardens, Family Circle, Workspace Magazine, Successful Woman, and Women’s Day.

Organized Audrey's Honors and Awards

  • Nominated for the National Association of Professional Organizers’ Founders Award
  • Selected for Minnesota’s "50 Most Notable Women"
  • Past-President of the National Speakers Association, Minnesota Chapter
  • National Speakers Association Member of the Year
  • Member, ASTD

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