5 steps in making a new habit stick

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In a recent interview, I was asked the question: “If you could only use 3 tactics to build a new habit, what would they be?” The journalist interviewing me asked the same question of other productivity experts and here are the five strategies he heard the most.

  1. Start small and break it down – If the goal is to go from checking email every 5 minutes to doing it only 4 times a day, then ease into this vs. trying to do it cold turkey. For the first week, use a timer and allow yourself to check your email every 15 minutes. In week #2, check your email every 30 minutes. And so forth.
  2. Do it consistently – Jerry Seinfeld uses the phrase “Don’t break the chain” in describing his habit of consistently writing new material every day.
  3. Put it in writing – Research shows we’re more apt to follow through on actions if we write them down. And if your new habit has a deadline, include a date next to it.
  4. Have an accountability partner – telling someone else about your intentions makes you more accountable than if no one knew about it. Your accountability partner should be a non-judgmental friend who will also provide encouragement and support.
  5. Reward yourself – Pick out something you can look forward to when you’ve reached your goal. I’m all about the chocolate!

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