Balancing Home and Work: Menu Planning, Work Hours, and Children

One of the disadvantages of working from home is the reminder of non-business projects. Here are some tips to strike a balance between home and your business.

  • Menu Planning – Have you ever wondered at 3 p.m. what to have for dinner? Plan out your meals for the next seven days, taking care to schedule easy meals on the evenings where you have a show or other event. Then hit the grocery store with your menu plan, purchasing the items you’ll need that week. You’ll no longer waste time running to the store at the last minute or calling the pizza delivery guy.
  • Choose your work hours – On Sunday, take a look at your upcoming week’s schedule. Decide which days and what hours you will dedicate to building your business. Schedule it on your calendar! Once you’ve “made an appointment” for your business, you’ll be able to stay focused and more apt to follow through.
  • Involve your children – Children are capable of doing so much more than we think they are. Teaching them household skills at a young age will allow them to contribute by doing their own laundry, helping out in the kitchen or cleaning a bathroom. As children take on more responsibility their skill level goes up and so does their self esteem.
  • Avoid multi-tasking – Studies show productivity is lowered 20 to 40 percent when an individual multi-tasks. If it’s laundry day, then do laundry. If it’s time to build your business, then build your business. But don’t buy into the belief you can do both at the same time and still see positive growth in your business.

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