Cubicle Do’s and Don’ts

By: Audrey Thomas

Workplace etiquette isn’t just for offices with doors and windows! Here are four guidelines for cubicles or open-concept spaces.

  1. No More Prairie Dogs. It may be tempting to pop up over a wall to talk to a cubemate, but it might also scare them and break their concentration. Try using the entrance to their cubicle instead.
  2. Consider Your Volume. Sound carries in open offices. Remember this for your voice volume, your music (headphones are your friend), and your use of speakerphone (don’t!).
  3. Plan Your Lunch Menu. Some foods are stinkier than others, and if you’re eating lunch in a cubicle, that aroma isn’t staying in your space. Leave pungent odors outside the office—or at the very least, keep it to the break room. Your colleagues will appreciate it!
  4. When Gas Strikes. Speaking of odors, gas pains are part of life, but you don’t have to share that pain with others. Use the restroom for relief and keep a product like Gas-X handy.

Take these lighthearted suggestions to heart—and share them around the office for a happier office environment!

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