Decision Made!

By: Audrey Thomas

Your ability to be productive is directly linked to your ability to make decisions, which goes for every area of your life, not just at work. Here are some ways to become more productive through decision-making:

  • Email. Any CEO will tell you the majority of their job is making decisions. Likewise, you are the CEO of your inbox! When it’s time process new emails, put on your decision-making hat and go to town! Practice making one rapid-fire decision after another and soon enough, it will become second nature.
  • Snail mail. If you avoid making decisions about snail mail, you may find yourself buried alive in paper. Even worse, you may be unable to find specific items when you need them. Establish a routine and system for sorting your mail (same time of day, same location–within reach of a file drawer, recycling bin, and paper shredder).
  • Home. As I’ve written in several of my books, clutter is the result of delayed decisions. The only problem with saying “I’ll do it later,” is that sometimes, later never comes! Anytime you can say “decision made,” you’re one step further from clutter and chaos, and one step closer to organization.

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