Do people like coming to your meetings?

Corporate culture breeds meetings. The more meetings that require your attendance, the less time you have to spend doing your work and answering all of those emails. Here are 5 quick ways to change how you think about doing meetings:

  1. Re-evaluate your meeting duration. Often when creating a meeting, you go with a one-hour time slot because that’s what your calendar software’s default is. Rethink this. Could you get by with a 45- or even 30-minute time-slot? Many times the answer is yes.
  2. If you have control over your calendar, aim to schedule meetings (in-person and phone) on a particular day all in the morning or all in the afternoon, keeping the other half of the day open for project work.
  3. Designate one day of the week as a No-Meetings Day. Avoid scheduling both in-person and phone meetings which will drastically free up bigger chunks of time. Kudos to you if you can get others in your department or company to join you.
  4. Get rid of the chairs. Some companies are now providing meeting spaces with high-top tables – the kind used at cocktail receptions. When people know they’ll be standing they come prepared to report in and make decisions. It’s amazing how quickly a meeting goes when everyone is anxious to get back to their desk chair.
  5. Finally, when running a meeting, be a respecter of others’ time. Always start your meeting on time and be known for finishing a few minutes early.

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