Getting Motivated by a Move

I recently chuckled when a friend said that the only way she was ever going to get organized is if she sold her house and was forced to move. Don’t laugh. It might just be the motivation you need.

It is estimated that the average person moves every five years. Do you remember the last time you moved? Remember the energy it took to not only pack and box up everything but to haul, move and unpack it in your new home? How about the time you spent dealing with details such as shutting off/turning on utilities, changing your mailing address, getting a mortgage, and the list goes on.

Now, imagine the actual cost of a move. Everything from packing supplies to renting a moving truck or hiring professionals to do the heavy lifting.  The more boxes, the higher the cost.

Every item you possess has a cost attached to it.

Perhaps you don’t have a move coming up but as you look around your home, you see items that you know would not or should not make a move? If so, what are you waiting for? Why not slowly start sorting and purging your belongings now? You’ll be left with less clutter, more space and an environment in which you know you need everything you see.

There’s something therapeutic in having what you need when you need it. And on the flip side, there’s something debilitating or paralyzing when you’re surrounded with so much stuff, you have no idea what to do with it all.

Getting Started

Time Line.  Begin going through your home, one room at a time. If you’re not under any deadline, give yourself an entire year to slowly go through things.

Letting go.  Be prepared to donate items that are usable but you no longer need or want. Also, be prepared to toss items that are broken or of no value to anyone. If you have items that you plan on bequeathing upon your death, consider gifting the item now to the individual. It will bring both of you great joy.

Gains expected.  As you sort, purge and pare down your belongings, you’ll gain both storage and living space. You may be tempted to start filling the space back up. Don’t. Instead, enjoy having more “margin” in your home.

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