The Golden Rule of Email

By: Audrey Thomas

We’re all familiar with the Golden Rule, but there’s an email equivalent, too: The more you send, the more you shall receive.

Imagine this common scenario: You and a coworker spend all day emailing back and forth about a project. You’re messaging requests, attachments, and clarifications all day long, and every email is a small interruption to the other’s day. The more emails you send, the more emails you receive in return, and the entire volley could have been avoided with a 30-second phone conversation.

Try this exercise: Reflect on the number of emails you receive each day that you view as useless or unnecessary. Ask yourself, “How many of MY emails are viewed in the same way by others?”

One small way to reduce the number of messages you send is to begin using the phrase “Thanks in advance” to close your emails. When the reply inevitably comes, you’re off the hook for that “thanks” or “got it” response.

Take inventory of the unnecessary emails you send and receive and make small changes today to reduce that number. Your colleagues–and in return, your inbox–will thank you!

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