Sit less and get more done

For the past few years I’ve been researching different type of desks and work surface options. I’ve talked with people who swear by their standing desk and others who love their treadmill desks.

Well, being known as someone who often tries to “have her cake and eat it too”, I landed on a solution of a 3-in-1 desk that would allow me to sit, stand or walk while I got my work done. All I needed was someone to build it!

I am fortunate in that I have an amazing husband who has taken up wood working in the past few years. Although he’d never built any furniture before, he did the necessary research and built me the most beautiful, cherry wood 3-in-1 desk. Don’t be jealous. (See below for specs and details.)

Here’s a photo of my desk as well as a video that shows how it works. It’s pretty amazing.


Here are some things I’ve discovered since using my new desk:

  • I rarely sit anymore. I’m most surprised by this.
  • I average walking on the treadmill about ninety minutes each day…at a very slow rate of about 1.5 mph.
  • I walk faster when I’m on a conference call or listening to a webinar.
  • The neck and right shoulder issues I’ve had for years are no longer something I deal with. Probably because I no longer sit hunched over my desk.
  • I am energized at the END of my day. This was a pleasant surprise.

And before anyone asks, my husband only builds things for family.

If you’ve ever thought about changing things up in your office, I’m including some resources below as you do your research.

Here’s to productive work environments!


Resources for Standing/Walking Desks:

The most popular brands of treadmills desks that I read reviews on were LifeSpan and Trek. I talked with several people who have walking desks and these were the brands that kept popping up.

The most popular brands of standing desks that I see in corporate settings are made by Uplift, Veridesk, and ErgoDepot.

Here are the components that make up my desk:

  • LifeSpan Under Desk Treadmill. I purchased mine locally from a store that sells used exercise equipment.
  • Table was made out of cherry wood, but you could use a plain door or any piece of wood. My desk surface measures 25.5” deep by 71” wide.
  • Table frame (with hydraulic lift) was purchased online from The Human Solution
  • Keyboard tray, made by Kensington, and a pencil drawer were each found on Amazon.
  • Chair mat, also found on Amazon.
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