The JOY of Storing Holiday Decorations

  • Keep clear storage bin available for “winter” decorations versus Christmas or Hanukah. These items will come out in November and probably stay out until March. If storing them in a storage area or crawl space, put them closest to the entrance.
  • Keep all outdoor lights in separate box or bin. Have these easily accessible for a beautiful fall day when you can take advantage of putting lights up before sub-zero weather. Also, keep box handy in garage or porch throughout the holiday season so when you have a nice spring day, the storage container will be close at hand for take-down operations. Be sure to store timers and plastic hooks in the same box too.
  • Use large plastic storage containers with tight fitting lids to store your holiday décor. As you put items away, make an inventory list of each container’s contents. Tape this Inventory List to the outside of the bin. Next year, it’ll be much easier putting items away as well as retrieving since you’ll know what fits into each box.
  • Did you love the way the tree looked? Was your mantle decorated nicely? Take a picture of your favorite areas of your home and store these photos with the decorations. Then there won’t be any guesswork next year as to how to decorate the banister, piano or centerpieces.
  • Before storing items this year, dispose of half used candles or old décor which you haven’t used in several years.
  • Invest in an ornament box which has cardboard dividers. Most boxes hold up to 72 ornaments.
  • Before discarding your Christmas cards, cut them apart, using the front cover as a post card. Use these cards to write thank you notes to gift givers. Size Requirements: 3 ½” x 5″ – 23¢
  • If you purchase wrapping paper, greeting cards or other paper products on sale in January, be sure to store these separately with other holiday paper supplies. Consider purchasing a Rubbermaid Gift Wrap Container for just holiday-related wrapping items and other paper products.

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