Why Routines Are Smart

I’ve written before about the importance of developing routines. When we are routine in the way we do things, we become efficient. And when we are efficient, we are more productive. In other words, if you consistently want to get things done, develop daily routines and stick to them.

Some examples of routines to be consistent with are:
• The time you get up
• When you plan to exercise
• The time you leave for work or devote to your business
• The time you go to bed– this helps to insure a good night’s sleep

I would add one more and that is what I call my Quiet Time. For me it’s the first 15-30 minutes of my day in which I sit quietly in my favorite chair, sipping a cup of tea, reading and praying.

This video tip explores the four areas to develop routines in. Stay tuned to the end for some rare blooper footage!

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