Why staying in your pajamas is good for business

This is my once annual not-so-serious blog post as we head into the holiday season. It is my desire that you find it fun at a time of year that needs a little lightening.

The holiday season is just around the corner. Thanksgiving is in 10 days, Hanukkah begins in 39 days and Christmas is a mere 40 days away.

Now, depending on how well organized you are or how much you like your family, those stats either made your heart leap with joy or your stomach to go into a deep dive, complete with twists and turns.

One of my long-standing traditions that I’ve had for many years is my Annual Pajama Day. Some of you are wondering why, as a productivity expert, would I write about wearing pajamas!

The process of taking a day off of work and staying in your pj’s puts you in the mindset of relaxation, which often contributes to lower stress levels. And when you have lower stress, you can concentrate better on your job as well as what’s going on at home.

I practice an Annual Pajama Day every year. It usually occurs a few weeks before Christmas, at a time when I’m usually very busy with year-end business as well as preparation details for the holidays.

It all started when our kids were young. We had just survived a whirlwind trip over Thanksgiving which involved too much car travel…about 12 hours too much. The kids were crabby and bickering at a time of year that I had hoped would be a little more joyful around our house.

So I decided to give them a surprise day off of school in hopes of a little attitude adjustment. I told them they were going to have a mandatory Pajama Day in which we would watch movies, play games, bake cookies or whatever else we felt like doing, as long as it involved staying at home in our PJ’s.

It was such a success that it became an annual occurrence. And even though the kids are now out of the house, I look forward to this simple yet effective day of rest.

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