2 PowerPoint Tools to Engage Your Audience

If you frequently deliver presentations, then you know that audience members today want to participate in the learning process. Two programs I use allow for audience engagement by using smart phone technology. People can easily answer polls or multiple choice questions or even download additional handouts.

The two programs I use are KiwiLive and Poll Everywhere. Depending on audience size, you may be eligible to use the free versions. Poll Everywhere even integrates with your PowerPoint slides, showing real-time results for the entire audience to experience. KiwiLive allows easy access without even downloading an app.

When it comes to keeping your audience’s attention, there are times you want their eyes (and attention) to turn to you and not the screen. If you’re not using a hand-held remote that features a blackout button, you can still blacken your screen by hitting the “B” key on your laptop’s keyboard. And to bring back your slides, you simply hit the “B” key again.

If you’re presenting in a room without any natural light, the last thing you want to do is to make your room even darker. In this situation use the “W” key, which will give you an all-white screen; and hit the “B” key to return to your slides.

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