3 Parts to a Great Email

When’s the last time you went more than 24 hours without looking at an email? If you’re like me, the answer is “Not recently!” Email is a tool we access nearly every day and it’s the main mode of communication in business.

Given our dependence on it, be sure to practice these three things when writing a great email:

  1. Write a killer subject line. What I mean by that is write a subject line that lets your recipient know exactly what your email is about. There should be no guessing required.
  2. Keep your email as brief as possible. People no longer have time to read lengthy messages and often admit to skimming most.
  3. Clearly communicate future decisions or responses needed from the recipient(s) of your email. There should be NO QUESTION as to what their next action needs to be.

In keeping with #2 above, that’s my entire tip…in less than one minute.

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