5S for Hobbies

5S is a systematic approach to keeping an area neat, organized and functioning efficiently. The five components include:

Sort – When in doubt, move it out
Straighten – A place for everything
Sweep – To be Lean, you must be clean
Standardize – Routines become habits
Sustain – Make it simple to maintain

One of the values in applying Lean Office 5S to your work space is that you’ll begin thinking of places at home where it can be applied as well. Like your teenager’s bedroom.

Hobbies, and the many items that come with them, lend themselves quite well to be taken through the 5S process.  Most hobbyists will admit to having a lot of “stuff” and probably have items they no longer use but are hanging on to “just in case” they need it someday.

Each hobby seems to have its own organizational products available. For example, think about how great a golf bag functions in keeping order to golf balls, tees, and a myriad of other items you need while trying to hit that little white ball around. Pockets, hooks and mesh bags all serve to keep things in order and readily available.

Living here in the land of 10,000 lakes, I’ve seen some fisherman toting what I call tackle boxes on steroids. Any fisherman worth his bragging rights knows exactly where his Johnson Silver Minnow is stashed! Secretly, I love tackle boxes with different-sized sections used to hold a variety of gear, gadgets and gizmos!

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