6 Advantages of Being Organized

The advantages of leading an organized life are many. Here are a few to noodle on as you start out fresh in 2012.

  1. You spend less time looking for things and more time doing what you want. Disorganized people are tired of looking and just want to get on with life.
  2. You save money. When people are disorganized they spend money replacing items they can’t find. It may be something simple like a birthday gift or something more complicated such as a car title, birth certificate or passport.
  3. You experience peace and contentment on a more regular basis. The inner turmoil and chaos you feel fades away as you gain more control over your surroundings. Those closest to you notice too.
  4. You enjoy spending time at home. It’s hard to relax when you’re surrounded with clutter. People sometimes work longer hours in order to avoid a cluttered home. An organized home will quickly become a peaceful haven and you’ll look forward to having friends over.
  5. You know where your keys and your kids are.  Although a bit humorous, this is the definition that parents with young children use to describe what it means to be organized.
  6. Your children will thrive in organized surroundings.  Studies have shown kids do best with structure. Getting them off to school or their activities consistently on time (without the stress of being late) will give them a sense of security within a peaceful environment.

The above is an excerpt from 50 Ways to Leave Your Clutter. It’s available in our on-line store and is featured in the left column.

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