Delay sending a text message

By: Audrey Thomas

There are two kinds of people. Those who use an iPhone and those who do not.
iPhone users appear more passionate than Android users when it comes to their phone’s capabilities and quality of camera. I might go so far as to say that iPhone users feel a bit superior than others too. Wink. Wink. Until I discovered something that Android does so much better than iPhone.

It involves scheduling a text to be sent at a later time.
Think about these instances:

• As you’re going to bed around midnight, you remember something you meant to tell one of your employees. It’s important. They’ll need it first thing in the morning. But you’re traveling and in a different time zone.

• You’re checking into your hotel, it’s late, but you want to let your client know that you’ve arrives and will see them on-site the next day.

Android users – You can download the TEXT LATER app. It’s amazing. I know. I use it. You simply open the app, enter the recipient’s name, type your text, and then choose what day/time you want it to send. You can now forget about it, knowing it will automatically send for you.

iOS/iPhone users – you can use the SCHEDULED App, available in the Apple store. It’s similar but not as seamless. With this app, you choose the individual to send your message to, type your message and then set a reminder of when you want to receive a push notification. When you receive it, you can then manually press SEND on your message.
See, not as cool as Android, right?

Kidding aside, technology is always changing and I would hope that iOS users would have a better app available to them in the near future.

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