Planning to be Productive, Part I – It Begins at Home

Before you take a big vacation, there’s plenty of planning that goes into it. You probably purchase airline tickets and make hotel reservations. Next you may rent a car and check out activities and fun things to do at your destination. You may even do some shopping for some new clothes and work on getting a tan before you leave. And let’s not forget finding someone to watch the dog, bring in the mail and water the plants.

If you want to experience productive days at the office, you’ll need to plan for them just as you would a big vacation because productive days don’t just happen. The planning actually begins at home the night before you go to work. Here are five areas to focus on that will allow you to start out your work day in an unhurried frame of mind.

Technology: Make sure your phone is charged and you know where it’s at. Keep a 2nd charger cord at the office so you’re not transporting the cord between home and work. The same goes for iPads and Kindles.
Keys and personal items: Place your keys, purse and/or briefcase in the same location at home, every day, so you can avoid wasting time looking for them.

Car: If your car needs gas, take care of it the night before. Having to stop by a gas station on the way to work is a sure way to feel stress before your work day even begins.

Wardrobe: Plan out your wardrobe. This works for young kids, so why wouldn’t it work for you? Lay out shoes, belts and other accessories, including a change in handbags if desired. Iron any clothing items that need pressing.

Calendar/Schedule: Check your calendar to verify any early morning breakfast meetings, carpool assignments, etc. Review personal appointments with family members such as a dentist appointment, music lesson or soccer game after school.

Paying attention to these five areas will help you get out the door on time with less stress and frustration, which goes a long way in creating a more productive environment at the office.

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