Shortcuts are Time Savers

We’ve all benefited from using shortcuts. Perhaps it’s a shorter route home during rush hour traffic or a faster way to mix up a recipe.  In the office, we have hundreds of shortcuts available at our finger tips with our computer keyboard.  Here are just a few of my favorites. I hope they help you save time in your office.

PowerPoint shortcuts:

  • During a presentation you can type a slide number followed by Enter. It will immediately take you to that slide.
  • If you ever want a black screen, just hit B. When you’re ready to resume the show, hit B again. I was taught this shortcut with this phrase: B for Black. B for Back. Note: Hitting W will bring a white screen.
  • Control + M = New Slide
  • Control + S = Save
  • F5 = Slide Show
  • Shift + F5 = Slide Show from Current Slide

Here’s a shortcut to use when you’re viewing webpages:

  • You can press the space bar when browsing the Internet in order to move DOWN one page at a time.
  • Pressing Shift + Space Bar will move you UP one page at a time.

To return to your desktop quickly and minimize all open windows:

  • Windows Key + D

To toggle between all of your open pages/windows:

  • Alt + Tab

To highlight text in Word or a group of cells in Excel, without the mouse:

  • Shift + Arrow Keys

Shortcuts for using Outlook:

  • Control + R = Reply to an email
  • CTRL+SHIFT+R: Reply all to a message
  • CTRL+ALT+R: Reply with meeting request
  • CTRL+F: Forward a message
  • CTRL+SHIFT+C: Create a new contact (from any Outlook view)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+L: Create a distribution list
  • CTRL+N: Create a new appointment (when in Calendar)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+A: Create a new appointment (in any Outlook view)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+Q: Create a new meeting request

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