Why you should have a Healthcare Directive

By: Audrey Thomas

Video Length: Less than 2 minutes

What do the recording artists Jimi Hendrix, Bob Marley, Kurt Cobain, and Prince all have in common?

They all died without having a will in place.

Today’s productivity pointer addresses Healthcare Directives, something equally important as a will and something that could easily be considered as one of the greatest gifts you can give your loved ones in the event you become physically incapacitated.

Unfortunately, I have first-hand experience with this as my mother was in an accident a few months ago and never woke up. It was her detailed Healthcare Directive that guided us in her final days. And because she had made these tough decisions, we didn’t have the burden of making them on our own. Don’t delay this. You can easily create your own Directive. You can go to AARP’s resource page that allows you to click on your state or you can simply Google the phrase “Healthcare Directive“ followed by your state. For example, Healthcare Directive + Minnesota.

It’s time to think about the greatest gift you could potentially leave others.

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