3 Things That Keep You From Getting Things Done

When it comes to not getting things done, we all have our reasons. Procrastination might be at the top of many individual’s lists. Today I’d like to draw attention to three other culprits that might be responsible for you not getting things done.

  • You’re wasting time looking for things. It’s estimated that the average person spends 150 hours each year looking for misplaced information and things. That’s almost 4 work weeks. Build in routines of putting things away in the same place every time and you’ll cut down how much time you spend looking for them.
  • Not being able to say NO. If this is you, then you already know where this is going. Having too much on your plate makes it nearly impossible to feel good about your work. You’ll constantly feel behind schedule and have that nagging feeling you’re letting someone down. The world will not end because you say no. And remember. No is a complete sentence.
  • Visible distractions. Everyone is aware of distractions such as email, texts and people walking by your desk. But sometimes there are distractions right in front of us that we don’t even think about. Things like a bulletin board or display wall that we look at while we’re working. If it’s cluttered, spend some time tidying things up. Other distractions might be too many tchotchkes sitting round or a squeaky chair that you try tuning out.

Full disclosure – I procrastinated for nearly a year in the launch of a new website. I had to set it as a goal AND tell my Mastermind group that I needed to do this in order to make it happen. You see? Even organized people can have trouble getting things done!

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