3 Ways to Transform Your Life

If you need three areas of your life to get under control, consider the laundry, mail and menu planning.

  1. Laundry – Consider using a laundry sorter (available at discount stores) which cuts down on your time spent in the laundry room.  This is an organizing tool which contains three removable cloth bags. I recommend a metal-framed unit. You can sort clothes as you fill the bags.  i.e. whites, darks, colors  When you see one bag full, you can grab it and throw its contents in the washer.  This is a big time saver and we have one in each child’s bedroom.
  2. Mail – Having an area of your home designated to sort the daily mail will keep you from having a mound of paper on your kitchen counter. A counter-top filing system is handy and helps the whole family know where things can be found. Be sure to make a file for each member of the family so they have a place to put items which need safe keeping.
  3. Menu Planning – Have you ever wondered at 3 pm what you could throw together to feed your family that night? Try planning out your meals for at least one week. This will help you grocery shop more effectively and avoid unplanned trips to the store.  You’ll also be aware of planning more nutritiously-balanced meals for your busy family.

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