Creating a Tech-Free Bucket List

By: Maggie Keller

For most of us, technology isn’t just a tool, it’s the water we swim in. Our constant exposure to screens has made “unplugging” increasingly popular—and necessary.

When was the last time you scheduled some screen-free time? Maybe the idea is daunting, and you’re not even sure how to do that! We encourage you to create what we call a Technology-Free Bucket List. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  1. Turn a page. Read a book by yourself, or read aloud to the kids in your life.
  2. Get moving. Take a walk, go for a run, head to the park, play with the dog.
  3. Learn something. Sign up for a class or try a new hobby that doesn’t involve technology!
  4. Be creative. It might be painting, playing piano, writing, or woodworking. Stretch that right brain!
  5. Get organized. Pick a spot in your house where you could bring some order: closet, junk drawer, desk, etc.

When you give yourself a break from technology, you’ll feel your stress levels decline and feel more ready to return to your high-tech life . . . when it’s time.

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