Get Creative with Your Contacts

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Granted, address books are for names. But you can make your Address Book work more efficiently by getting a little creative. If you’re like me, you probably have gathered people’s names, knowing that your need to access their information in the future may be rare.
In the example below, you’ll see that instead of putting someone’s name in the “Full Name” cell, I’ve simply put “Writers”. And then in the notes section I’ve listed several free-lance writers along with phone numbers and miscellaneous information about each one. This way I don’t have to remember a variety of freelance writers’ names – I simply go to my “Writers” contact.
I also have contacts for Photographers, Videographers and Graphic Designers.
On a personal note, I’ve created one for Doctors and included the names of doctors, clinics and specialists I’ve used over the years. I’ve been surprised at how handy this one has been.
While you can always use the Search Tool to locate someone, you still have to remember a keyword used in that contact so this broadens your chances of keeping track of someone and being able to pull up their information when you need it.

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