Merry Christmas

I toyed with the idea of skipping this particular blog because of the timing so close to the holidays. Who needs one more email, right? But I just had to share a phrase that I learned this past year. Whenever I find myself in the midst of other people’s drama, I take a deep breath and tell myself:

“Not my circus. Not my monkeys.”

It’s a reminder that I don’t need to involve myself with everything going on around me. I hope you don’t have any occasion to use this phrase but in the event that you encounter a little drama, I think you’ll find it quite handy!

For those who celebrate Christmas like I do, I wish you a joy-filled Christmas as you celebrate the birth of Christ. And for my Jewish friends, may your Hanukkah festivities be happy ones.

I hope that life slows down for you over the next few weeks and that you enjoy making new memories with friends and family. Savor the little moments as they come along and be sure to let others know you cherish them. I’m looking forward to having meaningful conversations with my family and loving on my grand babies.

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