The Link Between Exercise and Productivity

I’ve often remarked that I’m allergic to jogging. It has never been, nor will it ever be, a part of my exercise regimen.  However, I’m all about brisk walking and commit to doing it regularly. Whether you walk, jog, lift weights, etc., you feel more energetic and able to get more done after exercising.
Working in an office environment usually contributes to long spells of sitting and inactivity. However, research shows that small periods of movement throughout our day will increase our productivity and give us boosts of energy when we need it most. If you’re known as a fidgety person, you’re burning more calories and considered to be more active according to an article written by James Vlahos, entitled, Is Sitting a Lethal Activity?

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Taking breaks throughout the day increases productivity on-the-job. So aim for short 5 or 10-minute breaks throughout your day. These breaks could include a walk to the employee break room to retrieve a healthy snack such as a piece of fruit or a cup of yogurt, a brisk walk outdoors to get some fresh air, or perhaps doing Office Chair Pilates right at your desk.  YouTube is a great resource for Chair Pilates and allows you a variety of these mini workouts. Regardless of the movement you choose, the key is to move, stretch and change your body’s position and focus. 
So the next time you’re overwhelmed with meetings and a long To Do List, get up from your desk, take a walk or do some stretches for 5-10 minutes.  Your perspective as well as your energy level will improve and you just might start checking things off of that list.

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