Where do I start an organizing project?

During the Question and Answer portion of my presentations I’m often asked “If my whole house is cluttered, where do I start?” The first thing I tell people is that Slow + Steady Progress = Long Term Success. In other words, don’t be in a hurry.

If your house is full of clutter, it didn’t become that way over night. It happened slowly and gradually. And that’s exactly how you need to approach getting it organized and under control. So let go of the idea of working a miracle over the weekend!

One approach I’ve used with people is to count the number of rooms in their home and then commit to organizing one room each month. This is a very realistic approach and will allow you to develop some new habits along the way that are more apt to stick in the long run.

You might consider starting out with the room/space that will have the biggest impact on your household. Perhaps it will be the kitchen, mudroom or entry way. On your 2013 calendar, label each month with the room/space you plan on organizing, setting aside blocks of time to devote to your project.  Leave the attic and garage for when the weather is most appropriate. And if you think you’ll need a dumpster, check first with your regular garbage hauler.

Regardless of where you begin, being realistic with your goals and timeframe will contribute to future success.

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