Do you know the Golden Rule of email?

This will be short. Do you know the golden rule of email?

Here it is: The more you send, the more you shall receive.

Think about it –

  • You respond at 10 a.m.
  • About an hour later, they email again, asking a different question.
  • You respond with a comment and feedback.
  • This cycle continues throughout the day, exchanging 6-8-10 rounds of email when in fact – a 1 minute phone conversation probably could have solved everything.

Next time you suspect you’re going to spend the day interrupting someone else and being interrupted by them, pick up the phone. Chances are they’ll thank you.

At the end of your conversation, if necessary, follow up with an email stating any decision that were made or things that need to be document.
I’ll elaborate a little more on this video tip.

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